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NorthFin - Premium Aquarium fish food

As human beings, we prefer tasty home cooked food made with ingredients found in our habitat. We desire a healthy long life. Our fishes in the aquarium, desire the same. And for aquarium keepers, fish diet is of great importance. Low quality feeds leave many inorganic fillers crowding in the tank, which may carry bi-products & lower grade of terrestrial ingredients that makes the tank dirty. However, NorthFin fish food is 100% PREMIUM & there are some key differences that set us apart from any other brand in the global market.

NorthFins fish food will help your fishes to get the right nutrients to fully attain their genetic size, life span & colour spectrum. 97% of its High Grade marine ingredients are sourced from Canada and the product is proudly Made in Canada, in NorthFins own US FDA, USDA and CFIA approved factory.

NorthFin is made with the highest quality marine ingredients. It has NO FILLERS, NO HORMONES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOUR PIGMENTS, NO BI PRODUCTS, NO BHA/BHT & NO ETHOXYQUIN. The premium marine grade diet will ensure that the larger amounts of nutrients & proteins are easily absorbed and digested by fishes. And all this translates to healthier fishes and a cleaner aquarium as fishes will produce lesser waste! NorthFin aims to support you in keeping a gorgeous & pristine home aquarium that your neighbours envy!

A wide range of Aquarium Fish Feed formulations

Here's what makes NorthFin the ultimate fish food brand

NorthFin Premium Fish Food is made out of 97% Marine Grade Ingredients farmed and extracted from Canadian Water. This allows maximum nutrient absorption of from natural ingredients that the fishes are accustomed to.

A 100% Filler free diet ensures that the food doesn't disintegrate in your water. NorthFin premium Fish Food does not cloud your tank during and after feeding, leaving you with a clean and non toxic tank. The food does not bloat in the stomach of your fishes.

Our food is completely free from artificial growth hormones, artificial colouring, bi products and literally all controversial ingredients. NorthFin offers 100% natural and toxin free food for your fishes.


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